About Stud

The Al Muawd Stud was established to be the nucleus of the production and possession of the blood of the oldest purebred Arabian horses in the Middle East. Since the launch of stud in 2009, it’s horses have achieved more than 46 championships around the world, and received visiting dignitaries and specialists in the field of horse breeding and production.

Father – may Allah be merciful to him

Our father, may Allah be merciful to him, was one of the monotheist king Abdulaziz’s men, he implanted the love of purebred Arabian horses in our souls and we had worked to fulfill our dream when it became true in 2009

خلال فترة زمنية قصيرة استطاع “مربط المعود” أن يحقق بطولات ومراكز متقدمة في مشاركات محلية وخليجية و عالمية . ومنها على سبيل الذكر لا الحصر :


  • مهرجان الخالدية الدولي للجواد العربي ٢٠١٢
    ذهبيتين . فضية . برونزية
  • بطولة أبوظبي الدولية لجمال الخيل ٢٠١٢
  • بطولة أبو ظبي الدولية لجمال الخيل ٢٠١٣
    فضيتين . برونزية
  • بطولة بريطانيا الوطنية ٢٠١٣
    خمس ذهبيات . فضية . برونزية
  • بطولة كل الأمم في آخن ٢٠١٣
  • بطولة أمم أوربا ٢٠١٣
  • فضية
  • بطولة مركز الملك عبدالعزيز لجمال الخيل العربية الأصيلة/ ديراب ٢٠١٣
  • بطولة العالم لجمال الخيل العربية/ باريس ٢٠١٣
  • مهرجان الأمير سلطان بن عبد العزيز العالمي للجواد العربي  2014
    ذهبية . فضية
  • بطولة قطر لجمال الخيل العربية 2014
    ذهبية . فضية
  • بطولة فخر بولندا 2014
  • بطولة الشانتي 2014
  • بطولة الفوتورتي – آخن – المانيا 2014
  • بطولة أمم أوربا 2014
    ثلاث ذهبيات




Almuawd Stud was established in 2009 to be a centre for the production and preservation in Middle East through continuous efforts to possession oldest bloodlines and improve stud to suit production plans every year. The Al Muawd Stud achieved over the past two years some of championships in Middle East region and Europe, which make us proud to hear national anthem played in two major championships at the international level; Towerlands Championship 2011-2012 and European Nations Championship 2012 . We work to develop the Industry of purebred Arabian horses’ possession and training in the Kingdom of Saudi and The Arab World. The stud is supervised by sons of Abdullah bin Muawd Al Subaie. Their interest in Arabian horses motivated them to put all efforts to develop this stud in order to be, by will of Allah, be in the ranks of Arabian and international Arabian studs .

Sections and facilities Stud

Horse hospital

People in charge of the stud were keen to build and equip this hospital with high-tech medical apparatus. There is an international veterinary team overseeing this hospital and undertaking daily checks on the horses, in addition to performing artificial insemination and freezing horses’ semen. Also they inspect all horses daily and handle any emergency situations.

Horse swimming pool

Since the people responsible for the farm desire to convoy all of modern technologies in purebred Arabian horse training industry field, they designed and built a swimming pool for horses under supervision of a specialized engineers to take care of smallest details in order to preserve the safety of the horses and trainers. The pool has air-conditioning system along with water and air filtration system.

Horse stables

There are 84 stables in the stud, each one is equipped with its own air-conditioning, an automated drinking system, and special places to keep horses food.
Each stable was prepared with special equippments for each horse in order to preserve the health and safety of all.

Trainers housing

In order to provide all convenience and exceptional residence for trainers, we prepared special wings for them, have all of required tools and equipment.

Horse walker

It’s a device accommodate 6 horses and work automatically at a predetermined speed. A spray cooling system has been added in order to keep the horses cool and refreshed. We also set some other facilities to train horses.

Human resources

There is no doubt that specialized human resources in the field of training Arabian horses have a major role to achieve success. Therefore, we attracted a unique group of global specialist trainers. These trainers supervise a group of stablemen who gained a lot of experience at dealing with purebred Arabian horses and training.