Saudi equestrian embrace dubai’s skyscrapers … Bad’e Al Hawajer and Revolution harvest gold and silver

08, February 2013

Saudi equestrian embrace Dubai’s skyscrapers and shown its primacy for another time to continue a harvesting journey of titles, awards and advanced positions through Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship that was concluded the day before yesterday in the middle of raising green flags and a showing off winning many championships in the different classes that carry the name of Al Khalidiya stables, owned to deputy defense minister Prince Khalid bn Sultan, Athbah Stud for Abdulaziz bn Ahmed and Al Muwad stud for Abduallah Al Muwad. The contest witnessed a participation of 371 horses from different neighbors and Europeans country.

Al Muawd Stud managed to achieve stallion silver after a magical display and enthusiasm between crowds for the global stallion Revolution. While in colts one year contest, Al Muawd stud beauty’s present by Bad’e Al Hawajer who won gold.

Saad Al Muawd Al Subaie, manager of stud, confirmed that victory of any horse, stud or stable record to the name of Saudi before everything, and that we have experienced a new happiness the day before yesterday and got exciting to see all championships go to country’s horses. That was a new success and anensure of Saudi equestrian’s primacy in different racings. We always say; collaboration of all country sons in the different participations is something needed, because we represent our country and we get happy to see it in the top. It’s true that every stud seek after winning, but in the end, all of us represent a country, and who win something, he deserved it. Then he explained that although Al Muwad stud is among new studs, it gained many championships and achievements to proud of, and Dubai’s championship affirm that good planning always get its fruits to be a motivation to continue the excellent journey.


Gold Yearling Champion Bad’e Al Hawajer and Silver Senior Male Champion Revolution in the Dubai Championship 2013